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We are each other’s divine intervention.

Pic of Pamela Jackson

Founder/Executive Director


Pamela Jackson is a licensed social worker, creative nonfiction writer, Mother-Daughter Coach, and Allomother.

Her passion is to find the center in between extremes—such as when opposites attract in couples, in a person who feels both faithful and fearful, in curricula with learning outcomes that seem unmatched to its audience. Pamela zeros in on the value of all variables in question and finds their theme, where alignment has been the whole time. As a former Director of Student Success, her experience is in public and private colleges designing and implementing programs that increase quality of life and self-determination for students. Her current joy is holding individual and group therapy sessions, as well as creating sister/mothering circles. 

Allomothering is the organization she created after becoming a mother and realizing she needed to shift her paradigm of self-sacrificial mothering to mothering from self-love. She believes while mothering women (not just women with children) need outlets like wine and spa days, they mostly need lives they don’t want to escape. Lives where they are living from their Chosen Trust.

Pamela is also the creator of Solo Theater Therapy (STT), a storytelling platform using theater to deepen an individual's self-determination over one specific story in their life. Her theater productions have appeared on Off-Broadway at Theatre Row, Irondale Theater and other venues.

Pamela holds a Bachelors from The New School, a Masters in Fine Arts from Sarah Lawrence College and a Masters in Social Work from Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College. She is a co-parent to her bold, joyful daughter.