I. Allomother Training

Allomothering 4-Step Process

Allomothering means to create room for self-fulfillment in others’ lives by creating that same room in your life first. We support mothering women to mother themselves. The Allomother Training is essentially becoming a nurturer from a sustainable (self-fulfilling) place. In this organization, to Allomother (Allo) is to seek full self-expression of THE WOMAN YOU ARE BEFORE ANY NURTURING ROLE YOU PLAY.

In order to Allo, one has to learn how to Allow--to identify and nurture what they truly value the most in life. We can trust in things we do not really love or like but we trust them because they're all we’ve known. Many nurturing women trust in self-sacrifice, giving to others until we’re empty and unable to take care of ourselves.

The How to Allo(w) Training offers members-in-training to:

  • Understand what you’ve been trusting in/standing on

  • Define what you would rather stand on

  • A bonding experience with like-minded women

  • An on-going circle of women to encourage and be encouraged by to honor your most authentic self

  • Arrive at a Project Pregnant that expresses this deeper Allo(w)ing in your quality of life

  • Be named as one of the 8 Allomothering Virtues you represent according to your values and persona

  • Conclude with a How to Allo(w) Plan for realizing your quality of life goal in 6 areas over 30 days: Social, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, Financial, Intellectual

    ***After 3 months of living your How to Allo(w) Plan and partnering with an Allomother in your goals, you will become eligible to be a Certified Allomother. A Certified Allomother is a woman who can teach how one gives and gains from renewable energy--a sustainable support model--for any supportive, leadership, or nurturing role they play in either professional or personal settings.      

II. Project Pregnant

Through Project Pregnant, you take the outcomes from your How to Allo(w) Plan and use a platform to put your Quality of Life goal to the test. Project Pregnant gives you the opportunity to put flesh on your quality of life idea by bringing it into the Allomothering community. This allows you to birth/test where and how your idea lands for others, so you're no longer intellectualizing your goals and desires but practicing them.

III. Allomother-Mother Pairing


IV. Trust Circles & Individualized Allomothering

Mother and Allos who graduate from Project Pregnant are paired with each other to support one another in implementing their quality of life goal as a new norm. These pairings will be made according to the Allomothering Virtue each member receives at the end of the How to Allo(w) Training and how those virtues compliment each other. 



Choosing a new foundation to express what you want to give and gain in life from a more authentic place will rub up against your old norms. Allomothering Empowerment Groups offer an on-going space once a month to meetup with like-minded women from the Allomothering community with an experienced group facilitator to name and address barriers/tension in your self-actualizing, to motivate you overcoming them. This space will also provide wellness resources that support Allos and moms to maintenance their mission in self-loving.

Individualized Allomothering are one-to-one sessions with licensed professional Pamela Jackson or her licensed staff who provide focused additional support in addressing those more difficult barriers that get in the way of your progress and cause you to run up against the same walls--feeling the same lack of agency over your life. These barriers are likely due to old norms that are thick and layered and need personalized attention in undoing, so you can get freer to express your most authentic self. We work ultimately to nurture THE WOMAN YOU ARE BEFORE ANY NURTURING ROLES YOU PLAY, so this woman informs and enriches these roles in how she shows up by loving and honoring herself.