In-Between Circles is a coaching group for those in transition. You might be leaving a significant relationship with a romantic partner, best friend, or a job, a city, a community. You might be leaving the status of single to married, individual to parent, self-employed to employee again. Our attachments to spaces, titles, and relationships can tell us who we are and many times direct where we’re going. Once the relationship or space ends, it can be hard to know who we are without this attachment. Stress, anxiety, and fear of the unknown can ensue.

Come to the group In-Between Circles, where we will learn how to use open, empty space for determining who we really are. You’ll learn to re-build a foundation for yourself not contingent on who or what’s around you, but on Finding Your Middle, a space where what’s true about you is honored in your day-to-day choices.

COST: $45 per session.

DURATION: 8 sessions. 60 mins. 2xs a month.

WHERE: Online.

START DATE: September 9th.

END DATE: December 2nd.