What clients are saying:

“Your counseling has allowed me to work through old foundations of trust I never even realized I’d been rooted in, and build new ones. Laying down these new foundations take time but I’ve been taught tools and given homework that allows me to continue laying down these foundations well after our sessions. I’m happy and I’m working through my fears.”

“I see improvement in my life in my overall ability to take a step back from situations before I am emotionally overwhelmed and see whether they fall into foundations that aren't working for me any longer. I also see a boost in my confidence because even though I don't know myself fully, speaking with you has allowed me to learn more about myself. This in turn has led to more meaningful relationships and interactions with friends, co-workers and even strangers.”

“Its amazing work. This is so great every time. I’m grateful. I was in pain that I thought I would never be able to get out from it. I thought it’s going to be with me forever….Now I’m able to be in this stage. I find myself better in terms of communication and listening to others. What you’re doing is great.”

“Thank you for this work! It’s showing me stuff I didn't even know I needed to work on. For that I'm grateful.”

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Founding Extremes Therapy

Find Your Middle.

Founding Extremes Therapy looks at your all-or-nothing extremes—fight or flight thinking, where you have been living on autopilot. You get to carve out the foundation you actually want to stand on—and we don’t stop there. You learn to LIVE YOUR VALUES and be refreshed by NEW CHOICES you make in your relationships, work, and self-image.

Therapy is not just for those at their wits end but for people who:

  • Find themselves in relationships where they are giving more than they are getting in return. This can be with family, friends, or a romantic partner.

  • Have a romantic relationship they want to keep and need support overcoming some recurring challenges to live out the real love you have.

  • Experiencing a very difficult break-up it is hard to move on from.

  • Suffering the loss of a loved one.

  • Constantly mothering (with or without kids!) but rarely mothering themselves.

  • Worried over signifiant relationships with family and friends and don’t know where they begin and other people end.

  • Have tried to solve their problems but keep experiencing the same results.

  • Hear people say, tweet, post, etc. “Live your best life!” but how to live that life can be really hard to figure out on their own, especially with pressures of social media and peer competition.

  • Feel anxious, depressed, and panic around achieving their goals and doubt whether they have what it takes.

Whether these challenges speak to you or not, therapy gives you the space to figure out what’s going on and explore what will make you happier with your life’s journey.

For Mother & Daughters the dynamic is like none other. Whether we like it or not, this relationship shapes most of the joy and pain we can experience in life--for both mother and daughter. The need to feel heard and most of all understood goes far and affects your happiness in this particular relationship. Moments have happened that still hurt and they may be compromising the sense of trust, safety, and peace you want to feel. You want to stop repeating past behaviors in this relationship yet don't know how. Knowing who you are as an individual apart from your role as "mom" or "daughter" is key to the long-term growth of this relationship and for your own peace of mind. I can support both mother and daughter together or separately in navigating the entanglements of this dynamic. You can get you free of the binds we put on ourselves from expectations we think we "have to" live up to.

Couples therapy/premarital counseling is offered to those who possess a real willingness for growth yet cannot detect what is holding them back or causing the same unwanted patterns. Fear may have you worried about losing this person or losing yourself in the relationship. Therapy is your tool to sort this out and move forward together. You both are committed and don't want to repeat the same patterns you've seen in relationships around you or ones you watched growing up. This is the time to determine the foundation you both truly want to stand on that sets the stage for a healthy and meaningful partnership long-term.

Clinical Supervisor of Allomothering Therapy Services:
La Shawn M. Paul, LCSW-R, ACSW
NYS License Number: 079269